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An Intregral Part of the Community - Emergency Services

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Sierra Safety plays an integral part in our local community by providing high quality signage and erosion control products for a variety of different uses.  The fire department and homeowners need address signs not only to make finding houses easier for guests, but to ensure the protection of the residents by making their homes easier to find for emergency service personnel such as: ambulances, fire trucks, and police vehicles.  So many homeowners in the rural area of the Sierra Foothills live on back roads with no clear markings directing others to their house.  While we all enjoy our privacy, it is also wise to consider having an address sign with an arrow on it providing some quick direction to your home in the case of an emergency. 

When there is a landslide on the freeway we can provide barricades, temporary signage, wattles, and much more.  All those items that are suddenly needed in a pinch during the winter season are items we try to keep heavily stocked so we are prepared when emergency road crews are called and emergency erosion control products are required to get the job done in a timely manner. 

When there is a flood and peoples homes are in jeopardy we keep sandbags, wattles, and gravel bags readily available.  We try to buy bulk, and we pass that savings down to our customers who require these products to secure their homes and their possessions.  We believe strongly in improving our community!  We take pride in offering quality products to the consumers and institutions that need them most.

Looking For A Lightweight Chemical Resistant Boot?

At Sierra Safety we are always looking for product ingenuity and new products that combine requirements to make the jobs of our customers easier.  This particular work boot you can purchase for indoor or outdoor!  It is made with a microcellular polymer making it 40% lighter than most boots in its class.  It is chemical [...]

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2017 Celebrity Chili Cook Off - March 17th

Sierra Safety will sponsor and be out with community leaders who will tie on their chefs’ aprons and compete in a unique chili cook-off to help fund anti-bullying programs in South Placer County Schools. Proceeds will benefit local schools that will later have the opportunity to participate in a Point Break Anti-Bullying Workshop. Sierra Safety is proud to sponsor this [...]

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Solar Roadways - Imagine the Possibilities

Despite the content of this video coming off a little in your face, I appreciated the enthusiasm behind the narration and the passion of the inventors.  The whole idea of actually implementing solar roadways is still in the conceptual phase, and I'm sure like all new technological advancements it will have many issues to work [...]

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Mandarin Festival

We will be setting up a booth the 18th-20th at the Mandarin Festival!  Our booth will have a sample amount of items that we carry at our store.  We will have employees running the booth that can answer any questions you have relating to our business and what we carry.  Sierra Safety Company has been [...]

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Upcoming Art Event that Includes Map Usage

It's always interesting to take a break from the mundane and see what's going on with art in your community!  Since we are a traffic related industry I thought you might enjoy the chance to see art that incorporates maps, maybe even maps of this area (which seem to be ever changing and expanding).  October [...]

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Aluminum Sign Terminology and Spec Information - HIP, EGP, VIP Diamond Grade

If you live on a private road you can get general specs from your county website about street sign requirements. Sign shops can create street signs to match the coloring and specifics of your county. Just provide the spec sheet you obtained from the county, what you would like the sign to read, [...]

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Information About High Visibility Vests

This is an excerpt from The American National Standards Institute, and it discusses information about safety vests and their different functional uses in the field.--  "High Visibility Vests""For emergency personnel deployed on roadways in response to an accident or other emergency situation, high visibility vests serve as a first line of defense against dangerous highway traffic. [...]

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Nitrile Gloves for Doctors, Police Officers, Prison Gaurds, Artists, and More - (Latex Allergy)

If you have a latex allergy, or you are concerned the patient you might be dealing with has a latex allergy then Nitrile is the way to go.  Nitrile is made of synthetic rubber.  You can wear these disposable gloves for longer periods and they will hold up.  They even tend to be more difficult to puncture then [...]

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Traffic Safety Supplies and Apparel

We offer class 2 and class 3 vests to meet daytime and nighttime traffic regulations.  We offer high visibility t-shirts, and rain gear for all seasons.  We maintain a stock of coveralls for various jobs including painting, demolition, and property maintenance.  We have various styles of hard hats to fit any need including flat brim, and full [...]

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