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Finally!  A Pilot Car Rack That WIll Last

Finally! A Pilot Car Rack That WIll Last

Posted by Miles Horn on 6th May 2021

This is the part of my job I really enjoy.  Last week I was contacted by a customer who purchased one of our pilot car racks.  Trevor with A&T Pilot Car Service had this to say: "Please see that I have attached some photos of the rack.  It was white when I got it but later it was powder coated black.  I think the rack was purchased in 2008 maybe earlier at your old location in Newcastle next to the freeway and transmission shop also next to the train tunnel.  So I guess this rack has been in services for approx.13 plus years."  Quite a long time on the road.  He contacted us because after all this time the rack had held up but was in desperate need of maintenance.  It needed new hardware for a new sign.  We're talking over a decade on the road this rack held up, and these things take a beating.  I spoke with Chris, our manager, and he agreed to give him new hardware for his endeavor.  Then I spoke with the customer and informed him of the good news along with my desire to do a blog about this.  I wanted future customers to know the quality of craftsmanship that goes into building the pilot car rack here at Sierra Safety Company.  Trevor finally had this to say in his email, "I hope that the photos work for your blog/newsletter and I will come up there soon for the parts."  Needless to say, I think Trevor with A&T Pilot Car Service is happy to keep it on the road, and we're happy to have the story of a pilot car rack that keeps on trucking!  I want to thank the people in our fabrication shop for the excellent work they do to make a pilot car rack that endures.  A special thanks to Trevor for his communication, loyalty, and providing much needed photos and words.