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Switching Over to LED Beacons and Vehicle Lighting

Switching Over to LED Beacons and Vehicle Lighting

Posted by Miles Horn on 13th Mar 2019

Our entire inventory is moving over to LED.  We have rotating beacons for pilot car racks, permanent mount beacons, vacuum mount/ magnet mount beacons, and hide-able truck lights that will fit into your grill or headlights/ tail lights.  We have access to such a wide variety of construction vehicle lighting you would be amazed.  All of our products come from the same company, and they are high quality.  You can check out the products we stock online, and if you keep your eye out you might get a chance to pick up some inventory that is getting discounted to make way for new LED lighting.  

One thing to keep in mind moving into the future of trucks is that a lot of truck bodies are now made of aluminum.  That means the magnet mount cigarette lighter beacons will no longer work on these aluminum body trucks.  You will have to have your beacon permanently installed if you have an aluminum body work truck.